Get Mindful for the Holidays

11/08/2019 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM ET




Get Mindful for the Holidays
Fridays, November 1-December 13 (omitting November 29) | 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM | Webinar

Presented by: Denina Bautti-Cascio, Founder & Owner, Sage Action Consulting

Offered in Partnership with: Sage Action Consulting

The holidays can be a stressful time – both at work and at home – whether you celebrate or not. While it’s a season of excitement, it can also be a difficult and busy time that makes many of us feel overwhelmed. Take time for YOU this holiday season to give yourself the best gift – self-care!


There’s a strong connection between meditation (also called mindfulness) and emotional health and well-being. While “mindfulness” may make you think of someone sitting cross-legged on a meditation cushion with their eyes closed, that’s only one way to practice. There are many others, like art, music, being in nature, and bringing your full attention to everyday activities. All are forms of meditation, a state of alert, focused relaxation that comes from intentionally paying attention to the present moment without judgment. Mindfulness impacts the brain’s ability to create new connections, also called neuroplasticity. You can consider it a mental muscle. Every time you pay attention to the present moment without judgment, you work your mindfulness muscle, and your brain is being rewired for improved well-being.


Get Mindful for the Holidays is an opportunity to slow down during the chaos of the season. It’s ideal for those who have never meditated and those who already practice. Six 30-minute sessions include a combination of lecture and guided meditation and cover different topics and paths to mindfulness. Each week focuses on a different “word” that represents an intention and mindfulness principle to bring into your life during the busy holiday season and beyond.


Sessions are Fridays from 12:00-12:30 p.m. November through mid-December (omitting Friday, November 29 for the Thanksgiving holiday) and will be recorded for later access. Resources are shared after each session for continued learning and practice. In order to fully experience the benefits and essence of this series, participants must register for all six sessions. If you cannot be there for one or more of the scheduled sessions, recordings will be available for you to catch up on what you miss.


Work out your mindfulness muscle and give yourself the gift of less stress this holiday season!


Session 1 | November 1 – Presence: “Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There!”

To experience conscious presence, we need to get out of “doing” mode and into “being” mode. This session focuses on the breath as a gateway to the present moment and includes a breath/body awareness meditation.


Session 2 | November 8 – Peace: Slow Down When There’s Chaos All Around

Slowing down and quieting the mind can open your attention to what’s happening around you and the wisdom inside of you. This session focuses on relaxing into the experience of peace during chaos and includes a grounding/mountain meditation.


Session 3 | November 15 – Compassion: “Go Only as Fast as Your Slowest Part Feels Safe to Go”

It can be difficult to be kind and compassionate to ourselves and others when we’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed. This session focuses on cultivating seeds of compassion by practicing gentleness and includes an opening/lake meditation.


Session 4 | November 22 – Gratitude: “It Could Always Be Worse”

It’s sometimes easier to focus on what’s missing in our lives than to appreciate the good. This session focuses on opening your heart to the abundance in life and includes a gratitude/loving-kindness meditation.


Session 5 | December 6 – Joy: Accepting What Is

There’s no detour around life’s challenges, so it’s important to learn how to relax into the present moment, accept what is, and find joy where you are. This session focuses on exploring the joy of "being" to get through tough times and includes a relaxing sigh/humming meditation.


Session 6 | December 13 – Light: Shine Brightly

The start of winter can bring feelings of sadness as the days are shorter and the light of spring seems distant. This session focuses on trusting your inner light to shine brightly in the darkness and includes a rhythm/tapping meditation.

Full Series – $90 for PANO Members | $180 for Not-Yet Members

Terms of Participation
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GROUP SCREENING RATES (4 or More Individuals):
Full Series – $300 for PANO Members | $600 for Not-Yet Members

Terms of Participation
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Materials & Login/Call-In Instructions:
Materials (PowerPoint and other handouts), along with instructions on how to login and call-in, will be emailed to attendees a few days prior to the date of the webinar. PANO uses Zoom as our webinar platform; you can familiarize yourself with Zoom and/or join a test meeting prior to these sessions.

Can’t attend? All webinar registrants will receive a recording of the webinar following the live session!

What People Say About This Program:
“I think this series was really great! I am always an on-the-go type of person and to just sit back and have that quality meditation time really energized me.” – 2018 Participant, Get Mindful in May Web Series

“Gave me the time to just slow down. It felt like the world just stopped moving around me and it was so great to experience that throughout each session.” – 2018 Participant, Get Mindful in May Web Series

“As a result of these webinars, our team has decided they want to continue with the weekly meditation, so we are starting our guided meditation practice next week. Some of the team are taking the meditation and breathing information to the families they visit with.” – 2018 Participant, Get Mindful in May Web Series

“I think a lot of people don’t know how important it is to take some time just to relax. I plan on sharing this newfound knowledge with others that may feel some of the same overwhelmed feelings that I do.” – 2018 Participant, Get Mindful in May Web Series

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